Security for Humanity: Using Open Source Intelligence for Good

4 min readJul 23, 2019


As a newbie in the InfoSec and OSINT worlds, I am consistently encountering incredible people and acts of kindness I never expected to see. One area of tech I am extremely proud to be a part of is the nonprofit InfoSec community. To see so many talented, hard-working, smart, powerful individuals giving their time, energy, and hearts to help others through the use of technology heals my soul. I wanted to take some time to call out some of the great nonprofits I have either had the pleasure of working with or that I see doing great things on a daily basis. Hopefully, this list inspires you to volunteer your time as much as it has for me.

Operation Safe Escape

Operation Safe Escape is a nonprofit that provides digital security education and reverse open-source intelligence for domestic violence victims. This volunteer-run service aids in ensuring victims stay hidden from their abusers by helping to protect their identity and location. If you are in a situation where you feel you cannot escape from an abuser because they can track your digital footprint, please reach out today!


The BADASS-Army is a nonprofit organization that provides support for victims of revenge porn and image abuse through education, advocacy, and legislation. This is a growing issue that we need to pay attention to.

This group also empowers victims by providing tools to regain control of their images and seek justice. If you are a victim of image abuse or online sexual assault, you are not alone. BADASS can help you.

Innocent Lives Foundation

The Innocent Lives Foundation was created to stop pedophilia and child endangerment using Open-Source Intelligence. They are a nonprofit that unmasks anonymous online child predators and work closely with law enforcement to bring them to justice. ILF was created by Chris Hadnagy, a leader in the information security community, Neil Fallon, lead singer of the rock band Clutch and Tim Maloney, a lawyer experienced in forming and representing non-profits and technology-based businesses.

If you would like to help the ILF mission and you possess any skills either technical (OSINT, White Hat, Coding) or non-techincal you can contact them here. If you have witnessed a case of child exploitation, please report it to ILF.

Trace Labs

Trace Labs is a nonprofit that crowdsources Open Source Intelligence for Missing Persons. TL works closely with Law Enforcement to facilitate the search for details in missing person cases through global and local Capture the Flag games. If you would like to get involved with Trace Labs, you can check out their list of events (which includes Def Con 27). TL also has a very active community on Slack that provides training and resources for learning OSINT. Finally, if you want to be involved in ongoing missing persons cases, TL has a Trello Board you can access as a member of the community. If you have a case that you would like TL to add to their CTFs you can fill out their Op Request Form.

Global Emancipation Network

The Global Emancipation Network fights human trafficking by sharing trafficking data between anti-trafficking stakeholders worldwide. The network even designed their own data analytics platform called Minerva that enables secure intelligence sharing.

“We collect our data on trafficking, including text and images, from the open and deep web, and work with experts on the dark web like Recorded Future and Owl Cybersecurity, to gain insight into the traffic on those sites and forums”

If you would like to get involved with The Global Emancipation Network to help combat human trafficking you can visit their site here.

The nonprofits listed are only the ones I am aware of. If you know of any other nonprofits using OSINT or InfoSec to aid humanity I would love to know about them.




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