How to Set up a Raspberry Pi ADS-B Flight Tracker for OSINT Investigation

Flight Aware
HMS Queen Elizabeth

Tools list:


First, let’s hook up our Pi.

  • Follow the instructions that come with your Raspberry Pi to assemble it
  • Plug your Flight Aware tracker into the USB port
  • Attach your antenna cord (with SMA Male attachment) to the ProStick

Next, power on your Pi

  • If this is a new Pi, you will need to run through the installation of Raspbian (Unless installing PiAware as the OS)
  • Once Raspbian Buster or Buster Lite is installed be sure you have an internet connection via ethernet or WIFI
  • You may also want to enable SSH at this point so that you can remote in at a later time. You can do this in the settings of the GUI.

Download and Install PiAware

  • Run the commands below to install the PiAware repo package
sudo dpkg -i piaware-repository_6.1_all.deb
  • Download PiAware and its dependencies
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install piaware
  • Enable auto and manual PiAware updates. If you want to leave them disabled, skip this.
sudo piaware-config allow-auto-updates yes
sudo piaware-config allow-manual updates yes

Download and Install dump1090-fa

  • Run to install dump1090-fa which is the Flight Aware version of dump 1090
sudo apt-get install dump1090-fa

Download and Install dump978

  • Run to install dump978
sudo apt-get install dump978-fa
  • Restart your Pi
sudo reboot

Be irritated that nothing in Linux ever installs right

sudo reboot

Connect PiAware to Flight Aware

  • When you build your own ADS-B Ground Station you get a free Enterprise account for Flight Aware. To do this you need to claim your client on the site.
  • Claim your PiAware on FlightAware
  • After a few minutes if your Pi is set up correctly it should start receiving data and populating the stats page

Start Tracking Flights!




@wondersmith_rae | OSINT Analyst | @OSINTCurious Advisory Board | @QuizTime | | | Speaker and @Wiley Author

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@wondersmith_rae | OSINT Analyst | @OSINTCurious Advisory Board | @QuizTime | | | Speaker and @Wiley Author

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