How to Install OpenCPN on Your AIS Raspberry Pi for Maritime Research

AIS Pi for Maritime Research

First, let’s create a PGP key file:

Image is screenshot of PGP keyserver
Go to the PGP Keyserver
image shows to click the link beside the word pub
click on the link beside pub
Image shows generated PGP Key Block
Get PGP Key block and copy/paste into file
mkdir ~/opencpn
cd ~/opencpn
nano opencpn_key.txt
file opencpn_key.txt

Next, download and install OpenCPN:

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list
deb [signed-by=~/opencpn/opencpn_key] bionic main
Sudo apt install dirmngr
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install opencpn

Configure and Run OpenCPN:

Image shows how to open OpenCPN by clicking on Education then OpenCPN
Open application in the OS
Shows image with Chart Downloader Tab open
Click on chart Downloader Tab
Image shows panel where you can select chart groups
Select the charts you want to look at
Image shows panel that allows you to select a specific regional chart
Select the Region you would like to view
Image shows panel of specific Regional charts you can download
Select the region you want to download
Image shows panel where you can click update to download the charts to your directory
Click update to download the catalog
Image shows panel allowing you to turn off and on the charts you don’t want to download
Turn on/off the charts you don’t want to download
Image shows the charts in map view on OpenCPN
Final downloaded charts in OpenCPN

Configure your Data Source

Image shows panel with connections tab selected
Select Connections tab
Image shows Serial button selected and settings input
Select Serial radio button and input settings
Panel shows the networking tab which enables you to configure an external device feed
Get a feed from an external device by configuring the Network tab

Using NMEA Simulator to generate sentences for AIS research

NMEA Simulator
Set your listening port/IP here which will be different than shown here
Simulator Starting Values



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